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Our products are of superior quality and meet the strictest standards in the business. Through 73 years of services and experience our products have given Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. a brand and name that farmers can rely on and trust. As the world continues to work towards a more ecological way of farming, Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. has met the standards with multiple Omri listed products providing organic solutions to the soil amendment industry. All products are provided with analysis and when available organic certifications to ensure the highest of standards.

Organic Gypsum at Ralph Hayes and Son Inc.

Processing of gypsum has become one of Ralph Hayes and Son Inc.’s premier services and products. As a leader in recycling of wallboard gypsum we have pioneered the process of providing a recycled gypsum product that provides an excellent source of gypsum at a competitive price.

Our process over the last 20 years is proven to reduce waste environmentally at the same time giving the farming community a high quality soil amendment. Mined gypsum from Baja Mexico is brought to our yards where it is processed with the highest of standards.

Our mined and wallboard gypsum are both considered a dehydrate form of gypsum which has a combination of water molecules providing a superior soil amendment that is crop ready within the first season of application.

Our Products

  • Nevada 95 Gypsum
  • Baja Gypsum
  • Sunscreen Gypsum
  • Art Wilson Gypsum
  • Ag Limestone
  • Dolomite Limestone
  • Compost (plant based)
  • Chicken Manure
  • Cow Manure
  • Turkey Manure
  • Sulfur
  • Oyster Shell Limestone
  • Blends

Baja Gypsum

Mined Dihydrite Gypsum – Organic Certified


Nevada 95

Organic Certified


Ag Limestone

Blue Mountain Minerals – Organic Certified


Sunscreen Gypsum

Gypsum – Recycled Wallboard


Gypsum Compost Blend

Gypsum/ Compost – Organic Certified


Dolomite Limestone

Blue Mountain Minerals – Organic Certified


Dolomite Compost Blend

Dolomite/ Compost – Organic Certified



Plant Based – Organic Certified


Cow Manure

Organic Certified


Chicken Manure

Organic Certified


Art Wilson Gypsum

Mined Anhydrite Gypsum – Organic Certified


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