Our Company History

Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. was established in 1946, family owned and operated for the last 73 years and counting. The company began with the great grandfather Ralph and son Derrel “Bud” Hayes operating a small fertilizer and dairy cleaning business. One of the first jobs done by Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. was custom spreading of 1,000 yards of manure to Gallo farms in Modesto, California.

Bud played a vital part in the expansion of the company. With Bud’s help, the small fertilizer business turned into a large trucking company reaching far north into Napa wine country, south into the Fresno valley, west along the coast from Carmel up close of Oregon’s border and east the Sierra mountains. Sugar beet lime was processed in the nearby Holly Sugar plant providing the company with a surplus of lime for nearby farmers.

Ralph Hayes & Son began processing gypsum from allied chemical beginning in 1973 through 1993. From the early days Ralph Hayes cleaned over 60 poultry houses annually throughout the Central Valley. Bud’s sons Derrel “Buddy” and Eric both followed the family tradition after school.

With help from their father and grandfather the boys were able to continue expanding the company and their services. Buddy works with farmer and dealer relations, along with product development and dispatch of trucks. Eric took on the job of general management, operations and fleet management.

Around 1994 Ralph Hayes & Son pioneered the process of recycled wallboard gypsum, this process has come a long way since the beginning providing now a superior product and alternative to other forms of gypsum. The company also began processing mined gypsum from Baja Mexico in 2010. Over 43 years of experience in the processing and application of gypsum in the state of California we set the standard for gypsum in the state of California.

We stand behind our experience and work ethic in providing a superior gypsum product.

Services and Products

Ralph Hayes and Son provides an expanded service that incorporates a broad spectrum of delivery options. From custom spreading in fields to on site delivery of products with a wide range of trucks that include belt trailers, transfer truck and trailer, side dumps, bottom dumps and the traditional spreader truck and trailer.

Accommodating all jobs and specialized delivery. From the rugged terrain in the Napa wine country to the San Joaquin valley fields and rolling foothills every application is possible. Use of maps and specified delivery instructions our drivers and fleet will not disappoint in meeting all of our clients needs.

  • Nevada 95 Organic Certified
  • Baja Gypsum (Mined Dihydrite Gypsum) Organic Certified
  • Sunscreen Gypsum (recycled wallboard)
  • Art Wilson Gypsum (Mined Anhydrite Gypsum) Organic Certified
  • Ag Limestone (Blue Mountain Minerals) Organic Certified
  • Dolomite Limestone (Blue Mountain Minerals) Organic Certified
  • Compost (plant based) Organic Certified
  • Chicken Manure Organic Certified
  • Cow Manure
  • Turkey Manure
  • Sulfur
  • Oyster shell limestone
  • Blends

Processing of gypsum has become one of Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. premier services and products.

Our Product Line

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