Our Company

Ralph Hayes & Son Inc. is the leading provider of agriculture fertilizers and soil amendments. For over 73 years of continued service excellence and four generations of family ownership, our product and service are second to none. Direct relationships with both farmers and dealers, Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. remains the oldest and most accomplished trucking and fertilizer company in the central valley and Northern California. Whether it be 25 tons or 25,000 tons of product our first class fleet will deliver in a timely manner with respect and professionalism.

Company History

Ralph Hayes & Son Inc. was established in 1946, family owned and operated for the last 73 years. The business has grown into the leading agriculture provider of Organic soil amendments and Organic fertilizers in the Central Valley and Northern California. Read the Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. Company History here.

Our Products

  • Nevada 95 Organic Certified
  • Baja Gypsum (Mined Dihydrite Gypsum) Organic Certified
  • Sunscreen Gypsum (recycled wallboard)
  • Art Wilson Gypsum (mined anhydrite gypsum) Organic Certified
  • Ag Limestone (Blue Mountain Minerals) Organic Certified
  • Dolomite Limestone (Blue Mountain Minerals) Organic Certified
  • Compost (plant based) Organic Certified
  • Chicken Manure Organic Certified
  • Cow Manure
  • Turkey Manure
  • Sulfur
  • Oyster shell limestone
  • Blends

Transport/ Delivery/ Spreading

Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. provides an expanded service that incorporates a broad spectrum of delivery from custom spreading in fields to on site delivery of products. A wide range of trucks that include belt trailers, transfer truck and trailer combination, side dumps, bottom dumps and traditional spreader truck and trailer allow Ralph Hayes and Son Inc. to accommodate all jobs and specialized delivery.

Call today for a quote on Delivery or Spreading: (209) 835-4914